Moving Pictures Monday

So we’re back, well at least for today anyway.

The winds of change have been bloswng and they have blown in the bladingcollective’s direction.

This weekend we have been bumping my man Blake Bird’s latest and probably last Xsjado edit

A link to the latest part from the inspirational London Legend comes straight off of winning the Bowl Comp at the last Slamm Jamm and is below

Have a great Monday fellow rollers



Fresh Photos Monday #1

So we are all out of sync at the moment, Video’s on Wednesdays, Pictures on Mondays, I mean It’s Chaos! Chaos I tells ya! But it’s all Rollerblading and it’s all Love.

Yesterday whilst shooting a few bits I picked up this pic of Old School Roller Kit Derrick.

Kit spent a while deliberating over this 180, Whilst I grabbed my flashes, after taking a fall on the way to set them up (Less than pleased about that)

At this point the Pressure was on Kit, but the OG roller did not disappoint and laced the said trick for my lens.

Smart work Kit!

Kit Derrick-Mute180


Moving Pictures Wednesday??

Well it’s Wednesday and we can’t do much about that but we do have a little Offering from non other than my absolute favourite OG Roller Albert Hooi. This one is a little USD edit of Irish Powerhouse Dano Gorman AKA The Kid, it’s a belter and you should definitely go and make a cuppa, grab you best slippers and take a well deserved sit down for this one.

CDS Detroit

It’s Friday and I hope you lovely people all have a multitude of rolling antics planned for your weekend. To give you fellow OG rollers a little juice, I found a little CDS Advert to share with you, I loved CDS back in the day and Skated yellow regular plates and the Woody’s too! you can’t beat a Grindplate and CDS are the best in the business. Grind On!


Four In A Row

So I’m back after a weekend of inspiration at Winterclash, watching Misty Flips, Massive gaps, technical grinds, Mango, Old Friends, New Acquaintances, Boisies, Sauna’s and annoyed French people. Mostly I’m inspired by the amount of Love I witnessed first hand for our sport, the level of how huge People went, Shaking Tom Motherfucking Hyser’s Hand! Amazingly good little kids and watching Jon Julio do a Topsoul.

So Blading collective will be back in full force until I run out of content or get bored in about 4 days but for the moment here is the Issue 4 Four In A Row front cover, Scott Crawford on the Liu Kang, enjoy you lucky folks!fourinarow_cover

The First Time I saw a Fishbrain

Back in 1996 Unity Magazine had just started, it was a pull out from Skatermag back then before it was a publication in it’s own right.

At this point I had been skating for around 3 years and had a pair of Roces Rome’s with CDS Detroit’s, I saw Julio on the cover hitting this Fishbrain, this is the textbook example of how to perform Tom Fry’s fishbrain by the man who innovated this on Street.

The thing that I love about this cover is the fact that Julio has no Buckle on his Right Skate, yet the legitimacy of the Fish is off the scale.

Happy Thursday

Fresh Photo Wednesday’s #3

I can’t believe that I’ve only posted 3 Fresh Content Drops since starting this site over 18 months ago.

Lets change that! I’m going to start these updates with a Portrait shot

Here is a photo that I shot of Leon Humphries changing those fresh BHC wheels for his Shaped by the Cold interview ages ago and it got left on the cutting room floor.

This dude is the best! Skating with him on a regular basis is a privilege, having him as a friend in my life (for the last 18 years) is an honour and now living in the same house as him is basically the one.